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Crowns & Bridges

Our sheer size and flexibility allows us to provide a three tier quality status, which allows every patient to choose aesthetic excellence at a price that suits them.

Each department is managed and quality control in place to avoid any possibility of mass production.


Reflects restorations currently available to NHS patients.


Top crafted crowns and bridges, allows the patient a choice of metal free restorations or composites.


Specialist department. Senior technicians producing higher quality restorations with superior aesthetics.

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The extremely high skill level of our Crown and Bridge department means that here at Acodent nothing is impossible.

From a simple bonded crown to the most complex of restorations, metal / porcelain, all-metal or all-ceramic, everything is in place on one site, using the best products and materials available to meet the requirements of every patient.

Acodent Crown and Bridge: The sensible choice, the only choice.

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